Don't Let Taxes Stress You Out

Hire a CPA to handle your individual tax preparation in Northfield, NJ

Tax season is a stressful time for all kinds of people. If you want to pass this headache off to a professional, turn to Robert Polt CPA & Associates. We offer business, corporate and individual tax preparation services in Northfield, NJ. Normal tax prep only takes a few days for our CPA, but we'll put in as many hours as necessary to make sure you file properly.

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What to expect from your CPA

What to expect from your CPA

When you need help with your individual tax preparation, you can turn to our CPA. He'll:

  • Hold an in-person consultation
  • Keep track of your tax documents
  • Handle your tax preparation during tax season
The majority of our individual and corporate tax preparation services occur from January to April, but we provide year-round service for our clients. We also offer a drop-off service to make your tax prep even easier. Contact us now if you need a professional to handle your corporate tax preparation.